Meeting friends on Periscope! Would you take on-line to offline?

Shaun Bronca

  Just how far are you willing to take your periscope experience?  With me it is a matter of taking my fun on-line experiences to a place of offline.  I recently travelled to the beautiful Noosa north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  It is here that I met the lovely @rubynoosa !

Whilst on periscope I have often wondered if the people I communicate with are anything like they are in real life – I guess are they putting on a show?  When I met Ruby and her beautiful daughter, I was so happy to see that the Ruby I have got to know on-line is the exact person in ‘real’ life.


I also had an off-line experience meeting @HRMconsult in Melbourne!  One of the most beautiful souls I have met in a long time.  Elena and I spent a few hours walking around Melbourne after having a very…

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